Good Grief! Those Yum must be HUGE!!

Dreamy Dreamer
Jan 17, 2012
so, I'm heading down a skystream, and I see a red yum fruit, just off to starboard. So I head over there. Can't be that far, it looks like it's right there.

Just a little further....just a bit....

*boom*boom*boom*boom* Now, where did that ship right in front of me come from????

I mean, come on...why do yum fruit show up so far away, and the ships only appear shortly before they start to fire on you?

Dreamy Dreamer
May 02, 2009
Its so annoying. I see a safe passage from Point A to Point B and then, a ship or a creature pops up outta nowhere and attacks. I have to take major evasive manuevors so I don't get hit.