Gold mine next 101 themed game KI might do!

Jan 18, 2011
I was thinking .... if there gonna be another 101 game. it wouldn't be anything like warriors. it would actually be ...


its a grand idea! there are tons of films kids could watch that have to do with spies. why not make a game where the main player (child) is suddenly selected to be a spy! (in training that is)

You find yourself in a dark place, you don't know what the heck happen or where you are. suddenly the lights turn on. there you see a shady person who claims to be working for a special force. you have been selected from careful study to become a secret agent for the SID (spiral intelligence defense) and the balance is rest upon you ....

you get questioned though a special computer that determines your gender, your special skills, what district you fit into and it will explain to you the story of why your selected, when you became qualified, ex ...
Shortly after questioning, you get to pick what your spy will look like and you have the option of either accepting the code name the game randomly customized or make up your own code name.

You get to take on missions, use gadgets, explore the spiral and do whatever it takes to prevent the LOSED (League of Spiral's evilest destroyers) from causing the spiral such disorder!

There are at least different type of spies ....

Rangers- they specialized in missions concerning wildlife. they are trained to tame animals/creatures, deport certain creatures to their right locations, and preventing harm to special environments. A part of their skill is the ability to heal animals or other agents during missions.

Trackers- they specialized in removing/capturing certain target enemies. they are trained to analyzing a enemy's weakness and on how to trap/track foes.

Informers- your average double agents. they are trained on how to gain access to certain information, gaining trust and how to break into vaults. they can also be good stalkers ....

Detectives- They are agents picked to look into mysteries and puzzles. They are trained onto how to get into people's head and crack down a mystery. the best part is Sherlock Bones is the teacher!

Alchemist- never leave out your magic users. They are scientist who are trained onto how to defend against/use magic spells, know their science and how to build their own gadgets out of anything. The teacher is also in charge of making/selling all gadgets agents need and while everyone needs to know how to make some gadgets, only alchemist can access all information and can build gadgets out of anything.

This is the basics I got out of this idea. I still guessing which world we would use (like maybe a french themed world or an american themed world). other then that tell me what you think cause its better than warrior101 ...

Feb 01, 2011
Nice idea! Although, it may be a while yet before KingsIsle releases any new game, seeing as Pirate101 is relatively new.