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give dead mike and old scratch a 4th promotion at

Petty Officer
Nov 15, 2012
i was playing around with old Scratch and Dead Mike and was wondering what they looked like before they died and i got dead mike to his 1st promotion and he said it made him more dead... and i was wondering if you could give him and scratch a 4th promotion quest where you need to find a item from a certain world (aquila Mb and mooshu) and once you get all the stuff you go back to Vadima and you get a potion that'll make them more human so they can continue on avenging your parents as they promised they would...

Petty Officer
Mar 11, 2011
Um, not to be rude but, how can they have a 4th promotion if they don't have a 3rd one?
I'm guessing you mean 4th tier?