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Game Client Crash

Dec 22, 2008
I now tried 3 times to get through the English Bill (Duck of Death) fight, the second one on the ship.

The Game shuts down and brings me to an error report screen. All the data is collected and uploaded and then I
send the report. It tells me the report is sent, but that message comes up as an error.

The first 2 times it crashed after the first turn of battle. The last time was at about the 5th turn. Now I'm afraid to try it again and crash during the finish of the battle and not be able to get the credit for it.

I don't get confirmation from KI that my report was received.

Thanks for any help.

Dec 22, 2008

Tried it several more times on the ship and I'm still not able to finish the fight without crashing. The last time, when it asks me if I want to close the program, I didn't and waited a few minutes before doing so.

I now have both badges (Duke of Ducks and Kimosabe) and Tonka had the question mark over his head so I was able to talk to him and finish the quest.

I still don't know if the automated error reports I send after the game client crash are coming through to KI.