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Free month of play for Christmas

Aug 21, 2009
I think for Christmas everyone should have two weeks to a month of free play. The idea here is it would be a great Xmas gift for everyone while allowing free players that hang in this game to start leveling up a character and hopefully at the same time draw in many players who would try this game who would perhaps stay on as paying members after. Everyone would have a free membership during the Xmas time and even though membership fees during the period would be a loss to the game, increased cash shop sales and increased player base numbers would be a gain. I think on a cost perspective it could be worth the risk to try it and it would be seen by players that the game isn't all about money.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Wow, as fun as that sounds I seriously doubt the can do that. For a company to cut itself off from one of it's main sources of revenue for a month would be huge. That is a lot of money. Not to mention having to bump all the subscribers renewal dates up one month to make up for it. Perhaps a good compromise would be something like the Treasure map concept. They could give a one day gift certificate that could be used at the players choice for, lets say, one month, like the birthday deadlines. Then they could sign in and activate it for a 24 hour period they could access all game areas. Then they could plan when they would have the most time to check it out. One day isn't that huge a hit and hopefully they could have an alternate goody for the subscribers so none would feel left out. That might be a much more reachable goal to hope for but I will be the first to admit no knowledge of how the business is run and if even that is doable fiscally. It's nice to dream but companies do need to survive and we must keep their security in mind too.

First Mate
Oct 15, 2012
Not to sound mean, but I don't think they would do that. The fact that ki would no be getting money from players, the might have TO SHUT DOWN. If a game company doesn't get money from players, the workers will not get paid. No Ki, wizard101, and pirate101= no fun. Maybe, they can send off thoose game cards to stores, activate them, and get 1 week of pirate101 for free.