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For Next Christmas

Feb 01, 2011
I know some of us may be tired of the winter holidays...but here's an idea for next years (well, this years) Christmas/Holiday special...

A strange, white and red stormgate opens up off Skull Island. After performing some minor mission for Avery (perhaps delivering a gift or two around the Spiral), he gives you a special white and red striped windstone, which opens the stormgate to the Yule skyway. The windlane between worlds is pale blue, and snow seems to slowly fall in large, shimmering flakes. Candy cane sky dragons and different types of baubeloon can be encountered and fought.

Entering the world of Yule, you follow a golden windlane to a small, snowy island. Multi-colored stars and a rainbow aurora shine down on a picturesque hamlet of alpine gingerbread houses. It is inhabited by elf-like beings, being led by a...oh, you know it's going to be Santa, right?! Seems Krampus has kicked his former boss Santa out of his workshop castle, and Santa needs brave pirates to go in there and drive Krampus and his minions out (including yetis, bad toys, frost harpies, winter wolves and ice golems).

The hamlet can have a small shop that sells all the holiday-themed gear and goodies we've already seen, and maybe some holiday-themed pet treats, poinsettias and pine trees to plant back home, a Santa-inspired costume set for stitching, etc. They could add other expected touches; docile raindeer standing around and caroler elves in Victorian style clothes, for example.

Krampus could have some nice rare drops...such as a nutcracker, snowman or Christmas elf pet (all found in W101), a selection of ice-themed weapons (they might actually look semi-clear, like they are made from ice or crystal), and the usual clothing and gear.

This would probably be too much to ask, but I would SO buy a Krampus crewmate for my crew! I'd imagine he'd be based off either the minotaur or satyr, and probably be a buccaneer, with a wicked bashy bundle of sticks!