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For KI Developers & Crew

May 17, 2011
couldn't have said it better :)

Dark Amber Nightingale
Level 8 swashbuckler

Aug 23, 2010
I didn't get to Beta Test or get one of the bundles, though I did get to go on Membership week, which was great!

I don't know if KI realizes how many adults actually play Wizard and now Pirates! Lol. I just wanted to say Congrats to KI for another success.

Thank you KI!

Nov 26, 2012
I would also like to thank everyone at KI. This game has brought my brother and I closer together. I know that in reality a game shouldn't be the thing that brings family closer together. But every day my brother hang out in his room playing P101. We have a blast. We are only a year and a half apart, and this game is something that we both really enjoy. It truly is a family game. Him and I are trying to get our mother to play.

I can only imagine how much work was put into the game. Everything in it is just so amazing. I love it, more than a lot of people can imagine.

When I was having some more "sad days" I was able to play P101, and just forget all of my troubles.

So, thank you. For all of the hard work and dedication that was put into this game. I will continue to buy my monthly memberships and enjoy the game, for, I think years to come.

--Honest Cyrus Zabra: Level 13 Buccaneer
--Sean Johannson: Level 7 Witch Doctor

Oct 15, 2012
Pirate's Portal on Oct 3, 2012 wrote:
As a former IT Professional who has 25+ years experience through programming, testing, implementations, being on call for that midnight page, managing staff, teams and groups and finally ending my sentence as an IT Auditor (thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley) let me say.....

Your tireless efforts during these past months, especially these past few weeks and definitely this week are not going unnoticed. Those of us who are blessed with a Beta Key or a Boochbeard bundle have seen the results of your hard work first hand.

So while you toil through the 18 hour days or working around the clock, sleeping under your desk or in the "quiet room", not to mention the laughs about the "keyboard face" for those who fell asleep at their "duty station", dealing with what seems like the endless headache, backache and cramps in your fingers, hands, legs and other body parts hoping that just one more cup of coffee will get you through the next bug fix or crash report and the next implementation won't break something new, we want you to know that WE appreciate your efforts and with a hardy Argggg and Eh Matey we say:

Thank you! Thank you for the fun, thrills, excitement and anticipation for what's just around the corner. We appreciate all you've done and all you're doing! We raise a toast of your drink of choice in your honor and say job well done!!

~ Springwolf & Spyderwolf

*Applause* *Applause* *Applause* wow that is a very good speech ;) and i agree Yaarrr..! :) especially because my computer is something special, it allow me to know what a head ache look like :P

Jun 11, 2011
Ty KI for makeing such a great game that is almost impossible not to love (Also congrratz on getting game of the year for pirate101 and ty to everyone who made that award appear at the bottom of the screen possible)

Jonathan Alcott
Level 26 Privateer and Proud