Follower Companion sizes and non-battle poses

Aug 13, 2010
As I've seen from the likes of Argos, Hawkules and Goronado, the height of a Companion isn't necessarily set-in-stone anymore. Would it be possible to make most of the "shrunken" Companions taller as they follow you? I've seen this happen only to Bonnie and Goronado (visibly) so far, and would like to see the likes of Cat Pirates and Cutthroats restored to their former glory.

Also, as a First Mate follows you, (s)he is in a battle pose, whereas they used to "sheathe their weapons" as they stood idle. In the Companion Management screen, many Companions are in a non-battle-pose that used to be their default animation as a Follower; it is now their battle pose, all the time. Might this be changed as well?