Flanking for Swashbucklers.

Oct 23, 2012
I have seen many epic abilities on most companions and I have to say that flanking would fit best for swashbucklers. I also think relentless would be nice but it might make swashbucklers to overpowered.

What do you did KingsIsIe?

Lvl 65 Stormy Ryan
Lvl 58 Reckless Ryan Noble
Lvl 24 Dashing Ryan Kidd

Post your answers or suggest here Thanks!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Welcome to the message boards Ryan. I am not sure if I did so in a prior post, so just to make sure. I know you have been here for a while but I wanted to make sure you felt truly welcomed. You have some good ideas and I like the way you think.
We all here love to help others and give our thoughts & insights too plus we love to make each other giggle. Welcome to the family.

Nov 23, 2011
Seems like somewhere a developer-type commented that Relentless for swashbucklers was deemed too much. I suspect the same is true with flanking. In my experience, of the melee types, the swashbucklers are already more powerful than the Buccaneers (albeit not by much; on the whole I think KI did a really good job of balancing the classes).


Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Lots of swashbuckler companions can learn both relentless and flanking, with kan po/keisuke yagi being one/two of them. What the best combination is, however, all depends on your actual playstyle, so keep that in mind when choosing epics.