flag symbol changing vendor?

Sep 12, 2009
i was wondering if we could have a vendor that doesnt change your flag color. but it changes the symbol!

if it changed the symbol and color people would copy your flag.

who thinks its a good idea? you can change your flag symbol and still have the same color!

Jordan armstrong. Lvl 18

Petty Officer
Jan 13, 2009
I would like to see the option to change the symbol.

Nov 23, 2011
And add more symbols, too, for that matter.

Petty Officer
Jan 13, 2009
Petty Officer
Dec 09, 2012
I think that it should be in the options, and not cost any gold. If the consumer is unhappy with the flag that was chosen, (for example, if you want the normal field color instead of the background color or vise versa), then they should have the ability to change it.
Modest Noah Underhill level 41