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flag dyeing

Feb 11, 2011
i wish we could dye our flags and change the emblem because i made a big mistake i accidently chose the wrong colors for my flag and my companions all look weird and not matching with me and i can't make a new char and make that flag the right color because i already opened all my stuff and you can't trade the houses or companians between characters so i stuck with a dorky looking flag and non matching companions so i was hoping if kingsisle could let the dye shop keeper be able to dye flags like in beta (i think beta had it?)

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We were told in early beta that this was something they intended on adding sometime after launch.

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Mar 27, 2012
Would really love to be able to change my flag too, the colours are fine but I chose an emblem I am not happy with now and want to change it.

Hope KI implements this in game shortly as I think many people would use this feature.

Mar 01, 2009
hi i.m a very happy player of pirate101 but i.m not all that happy now be cos i messed up my flag but i can not change it so can you guys like make it so we can change the shape and colors of the flag later mabey for crowns or gold can you guys at pirate101 think about it k thx pirate101 player saleing off see you next time

May 10, 2010
The message boards have mostly been wiped from Beta, but we were told by a very mighty high power at KingsIsle, that they did indeed intend to add this feature, so hold on to your character and flag, time will tell.