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Final touches on valencia part 2

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
Alright now that the wizard test realm is down, let's see what fixes we can get to work on with. The gear from captain hande and Kane is nice but there are still pieces missing for almost all classes of pirates, especially witchdoctors. I would also like it if bosses like typhoon, the overseer, and the pampadora, etc dropped unique gear, typhoons sword the capos gun pampadoras hammer also I would like a those weapons to be level 70+ plus I would love it if Kane and the other elites dropped more unique gear. The closest we have is Kane's mask, and I want his sword jacket and boots, queens too, and a mask from every elite. I also suggest another ship boss in florenza skyway, a clockwork ship.also we still need the axe the buccaneer henchman uses to drop from valencian bosses. Also, and this is imperative! we. need. more. packs. I want more packs for this game, we have 2 major booster packs in this game, 2!! And one doesn't even drop weapons or real gear. Give. Us. More. Packs. Alright I hope your listening we really need some changes to this game. I want to help this game grow.

Mar 24, 2013
I really like the storyline in Valencia 2, well worth the long wait. Is it me or this storyline, felt like it was rushed ? I bought a lot of henchmen in some dungeon to progress the storyline faster. Up until this world, as a player I never bought a henchmen to help me out. It was hard to solo in Valencia 2, I can't belive I was beaten by a fish. I would have been defeated, if it was not for another player's help and Bonnie's super hit.

Here some feature that need to be fixed

1.Make Commander Typhoon battle repeatable

2.More Valencia Gear drops, not just in that dungeon but also all over Valencia

3.More Epics talents and powers for both main and minor companions ( for more balanced battle )

4. More smuggler ships spawns, for the main quest and as a script hunting.

That's the four things that need a little adjustment, until next time see you at the skyway.

Petty Officer
Nov 05, 2012
yeah I would love to see this update completed! its still not what it could be, and I want to see it blossom, also can there be a new staffy weapon from typhoon from Cagliostro? titled Cagliostro's staff of whispers? witchdoctors seriously need an upgrade when it comes to rare weapons to get, it would have +4 range and 220 base damage and grant jobu's ruse and +10% resist penetration. also can you guys add in more level +70 gear drops from kane and captain hande for witchdoctors and other classes? the gear sets are missing some parts they desperately need. what say you ratbeard?