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Fin Dorsal Companion unlocked too soon

Community Leader
I just watched the El Dorado puppet show and got the quest "Oh, That Map..." Along with sending me after Cutthroats for info to Fin's warehouse, starting that quest earned me the "Best Chum" badge and unlocked Fin as a Companion in the Crown shop.

Not when I defeated Fin the last time and finished the quest - when I started it.

I've submitted a bug report for this possible exploit. Has anyone else run into it or was it a one-time glitch?

Chatroom Moderator - Pieces of Eight Radio
Sep 08, 2008
Is it an exploit?

I mean, is Cutthroat that much stronger than all the other companions?

I do notice he has a bit more epics, and is about twice as expensive as the average companion.

Well, I suppose you are right. I did not know you had more Fin Dorsal battles coming up. I am only level 23 in Cool Ranch.