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Fill-in Skills: Buccaneer

Apr 18, 2010
Same as my previous Witch Doctor version, but I hope I don't suddenly make broken suggestions like some in that one. So here is some new skills for Buccaneer.


Lvl 9: Cheap Shot
Bonus attack if enemy disengages.

Lvl 12: Frenzy
May attack a different enemy next to you if you hit. 35% chance.

Lvl 19: Cheap Shot 2
Up to three bonus attacks if enemy disengages.

Lvl 27: Shout
Makes all enemies near you pre-designated to attack you for 2 turns. Range: 1x movement

Lvl 35: Relentless
Bonus attack if you hit.

Lvl 45: Frenzy 2
Same as the first but gives three hits

Lvl 53: Tough 4
+450 health

Lvl 59: Cheap Shot 3
Same as second, but has a 35% chance to immobilize enemy.

Lvl 63: Relentless 2
Same as first but gives up to three hits.

I always though Buccaneers were the "class of epics" and now they are

Last three on the way.

Oct 27, 2009
I think adding fill-in skills in general will make the class they are applied to overpowered XD. As for the actual ideas.... me likey :D. I wouldn't mind making a few trades...

Petty Officer
Dec 18, 2010
Sweet ideas, especially the shout power. It makes this class more like the tank they are.