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Figurehead damage

Mar 05, 2009
The Power cards for ships' figureheads are often confusing, especially the brown background behind the 100% - 120% numbers down the right side. I took a pic of one and used paint software to zoom in and finally figured out those are Damage symbols, the brown gloved fist.

I think it gets confusing for many folks because those two damage icons use percentages (as do the accuracy percents on the left side) while at the bottom of both figureheads and horns the damage is shown as 1.5x, 2x, etc.

I would suggest converting the numbers over the short and long-range damage icons into the same 2x format as the more detailed info at the bottom of the card. For a 2x damage example, 100% would be 2x and 120% would be 2.4x. I believe this would make the cards more intuitive and more consistent.

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