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Fast travel

Dec 30, 2011
An idea came to me last night as i was traveling and traveling....and traveling more just to do a simple retrieve quest. Why cant we have portals made to travel quicker so we dont spend 20 minutestrying to just get to the destination? i love flying the ships, dont get me wrong, but its so time consuming just to travel back and forth. maybe after you visit the area once or twice you are able to port your ship.

i know you can fast travel with the button already to go to skull island, but once you leave into the skyway you lose the ability to fast travel back, and that is troublesome. so please KI make it easier to travel back and forth.

Petty Officer
Feb 10, 2011
There are ways KI could fix things to make it better for all.

  • I also like the ship travel but they could shorten the distance between worlds.
  • Make it so you don't have to travel from one world, through another world, to get/battle something then have to go all the way back to the original world.
  • Or, and this is really radical, once a quest is completed, let us "hyper jump" back to the port of the giver of the quest (told you it was radical).

I like it's ship based and even ships traveling at "warp speed" still take time to get to their destination. But since this is a game and not real life, you could institute any of the above which would still give the player a great gaming experience.