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Expanded Wardrobe and Aesthetic Equipment

Jun 02, 2010
So as everyone is probably aware it takes a while for major games like this to push larger content updates to include things like new worlds, quests, companions, etc. So what do you do when you finish the main story and are cap level? I notice some turn to house decorating, pet training, farming, and others on stitching to their favorite gear.

Personally, I very much enjoy the latter category and was striving for a full Armada thematic for my character's outfit. I was attempting to replicate Kane's appearance as his Mask is readily farmable and the boots have several close matches, his sword is interesting, but I find people using the Naval Officer's Sword as a fine substitute, but what really pulls his attire together is the robe Kane wears. An entirely unique, decorated, Armada Admiral's robe. This is an example of one of the items many people wish were obtainable. To my knowledge browsing the wiki and asking on forums, the robe is completely unattainable, however, a very close substitute appears on the Level 70 Swashbuckler Henchman, Plucky Portia Marozzo, which is also unattainable. I wonder, if they already have the model made for the henchmen, would it be that difficult to add it to the game as a wearable and farmable item in one of (or multiple) Armada Boss's Loot Tables (such as Bishop, Deacon, Rooke, or Kane himself), and if such is the case then I would appreciate seeing some of the more unique items seeing a bit more obtainability by the players as it gives some excitement and activity to do while we eagerly await the next major expansion. As an addition, if something like this were to be supported, I was wondering if we could get a kind of additional storage added in the form of a Wardrobe, a 1,500 Crowns 100 capacity housing item, that stored Hats, Robes, Boots, and Accessories so you didn't have to destroy or sell nice gear to make space for new ones.
Please let me know what you think of this idea, and if you also would like to see more of these kinds of items added to the game!

70 Noble Dante Quarter

*P.S. There are other examples of unobtainable items such as the Level 70 Musket henchman's and the Level 40 Swashbuckler Henchmen's Hats, just to give a taste for what could be added to our collections.