Exp and better customtization for ships.

Nov 23, 2011
I love the pirate ships in this game. Some of them range from ordinary pirate ships, to classy looking fleet ships. My favorite ship and the one that I'm currently using, is the bison galleon. I love that thing, its like a giant canoe. But when annoys me that when i'm in cool ranch, the ship is nearly unstoppable. I upgraded it with the latest armor, cannons, anchors and other stuff, but once i got to mooshu, things started getting harder, so hard in fact, that i was practically forced to get a mooshu ship, just because mine wasn't strong enough. And it got me thinking, what if your ship could gain experience as well just you and your crew? That way you could train your ship to be stronger in broadside combat. I'm sure not everyone wants to fight the crew on board every time they get hit so hard. Plus you could keep your favorite ship and not have to upgrade to a stronger one every time.

What would also be nice is to be able to freely customize your ship with any armor or sail despite the origin. Say for example i want to dress my bison galleon with a mooshu sail or monquitan armor. You could really play around with what your ship can gain and accomplish.

Oct 06, 2013