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Endless/Survival Mode.

Gunner's Mate
May 02, 2009
Exactly as it sounds. You and up to 3 other players battle it out against the AI and continue fighting until you all lose, with the enemies difficulty and numbers getting gradually more difficult to deal with as time goes on. You would get rewards such as Scrip, Gold, Housing items, Crown Shop and Pack items and the like depending on how far you go (the farther the better).

To make it more interesting there would be an option for each player at the start to either just stick with their traditional 3 companions or to have them swap out with a new companion in your crew whenever one is defeated (chosen at random).


Apr 28, 2014
I like the idea, but I'm afraid one can run out of power before actually being defeated :p

I'd really love a shuffle card like Wizards do... it would work great in this situation then.

Dec 08, 2008
Great idea Flash, I would love to see something like that... and I truly consider the reply I gave you on Central way more complete than anything I can write in here (since that post is over 3 times bigger than this field ).

Still no harm in giving out my general concept from here:
  • An ongoing activity that rotates along the PvP seasons, giving different challenges and rewards every 3 months.
  • World based mobs per round (like Smuggler's) with different colors for each season.
  • One or two Elite enemies per round with improved stats and a special pet ability (such as the Bears).
  • Bosses every 5 rounds with rank 4-5 Epics, an unique power (like Moo's waves, Deadly Frenzy, Time Warp...) and some sort of minion-provided immunity (like on Kane/Moo; or Sacrifice/Leech; or just endlessly healing, charming, shielding as needed to survive).
  • Counter Class Strategies: Gives all enemies means to counter ONE class every few rounds, making the experience more unique and leading the players to seek variety. For example: Swash Counter Set may include: Scent 1 on all mobs, First Strike type-epics and a fight-long defuff dropping their dodge or weapon power.
  • Rewards! And gosh that list was quite long, maybe consider some of this stuff? Well, the best includes:
  1. Companions with new bodies, though copying abilities from units players can already access. (let's not make them too must-have! )
  2. Eye-patches with the current season's PvP power (though making this version No-PvP)
  3. Season themed ship (reskined Fall origin, perhaps from Eagle base?)
  4. Season themed ship equipment (with one themed power per slot, to each origin)
  5. Season themed captain's cabins (reskined from what we have)
  6. Generic colored PvP season mount and pet (Fennec Fox atm)

This suggestion is mostly based as an entertainment for people who are not into PvP, so moves along the seasons and basically opens paths to non-PvPers to play more and use these abilities... else it would be just a longer Arena. Also works great as Black Market loot!

Dec 08, 2008
Silver Angel on Oct 21, 2016 wrote:
I like the idea, but I'm afraid one can run out of power before actually being defeated :p

I'd really love a shuffle card like Wizards do... it would work great in this situation then.
I actually understood his idea in a concept of rounds like the Smuggler's Arena and built my suggestion above around that (with we having several fights without yum until we actually lose one of them). Mostly because a never-ending combat will get boring far too easily, our pirate's game is to burn everything we have, so this could be very different and interesting gameplay but even playing slowly we'll run out of options and be defeated by time (which is NOT interesting).

It seems the idea of new "arenas" that constantly change is growing very strong in here I truly hope it's something KI can work up properly, since the Smuggler's Arena has such a cool concept yet couldn't grow very popular for giving only not-very-interesting amounts of Scrip and becoming easily repetitive.


Sep 17, 2012
My team and I have lots of health and stamina left after the smugglers arena. I would love to test out how far we could take it!