Sep 02, 2012
I have already done a topic of this new world idea but i have other changes to it.First off i have a idea of a new world hope you enoy:D.Elona is a world of life and peacefulness like mooshu.Elona looks like mooshu and zafaria put together!,the life forms in Elona are the scared branches , the Life Trolls ,and the snakes.The Scared Branches are treants much like the ones in mooshu but have green leaves not pink.The Life Trolls were born to serve and protect Elona from unwanted wars.The snakes are pretty cool i say, they can carry guns and weapons from there tails and like to hang under Elona.The Snakes are mean, sneaky, and really fastthey dodge most of the time and never missThe Life Trolls are starting to get more tiny and ever drawn into witchcraft. They are getting corrupted and more poerful than ever.A evil overlord all the way from darkmoor came and cursed almost every life form in Elona The Life Trolls and the Scared Branches are getting all corrupted. The snakes have yet never gotten corrupted and yet people are starting to ask if they are behind this.Not all snakes are bad most are ,but there is one that is needful in Elona and those are the Garden Snakes. The Life Trolls are killing good people in Elona and slowly Elona is getting corrupted its self.As a pirate you go there as your captain told you the trees in the dark jungle told him a place for the next piece of marco pollo map. You go talk to the tree guy in dark jungle and he gives you a puppet show about Elona.You go talk to some treants in mooshu to lean even more about Elona.When your done you go to cool ranch and find the Elona stormgate and you enter it.As you enter you see Elona its self a floating island of castles and trees and vines and roots.You talk to The Branch Lord king of elona and he tells you he has the piece.He alos tells you he cant trust you. He makes you do some small tasks in elona to gain trust.When your done he tells you the Corrupted Life Trolls stole the piece.He shows you a puppet show about how Elona got corrupted.Youi go fight the trolls when you notice them saying they took them to their leader thE Over LordThen you go back the The Branch Lord and tell him want you heard. Thus far he tells you ,you must save Elona and its people before the Over Lord takes over and the Life Trolls ruin the great Elona empire.Then you start your adventure to save a whole worldand find the next map piece.Elona has too tree skyways Elona Skyway,Luna skyway ,and Polen skyway.PLEASE!!! tell me if you liked it and leave lots of ideas and stuff for kingsisle to hear and add this world! PLEASE ALSO FEEL FREE TO ADD THINGS TO MY IDEAS! AND MAKE THINGS BETTER-hoped you liked it have a nice christmas!!!! (by the way the game is awesome kingsisle good work :D