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El Toro Promotion Idea

Apr 02, 2011
So here's another one, I read some feedback on my Bonnie Anne one, so I'll try to make this better.

El Toro Level 70 Masked Duel Master
Hat: Fancy Duelist Cap, with feather
Robe: Duelist Robe, with sheet on left arm
Boots: Same
Weapon: A Silver fencing sword with black whip
El Toro wants title of Duel Master, in order to do so we have to get him a trainer in Valencia.
El Toro: Pirate, a new adventure awaits to a tavern cellar (El Toro Music)!
El Toro: I El Toro (music) wish to be a Duel Master. No not like the Samurai issue! Kan Po/ Egg Shen/ Wing Chung/ Sabodai/ Kobe Yjimbo tells me of a master named Unicornio Dulce. We must go! Ha!
Unicornio Dulce: Who the Clockwork are you?
El Toro: I am El Toro (music) defender of Santa Pollo, Masked Champion, and Cool Ranch Intelligence! I wish to train!
Unicornio Dulce: I see, fist prove your prowess, defend yourself!
El Toro: Oh Frogorallie.
Unicornio Dulce
Health: 7,093
Level: 69
Epics: First Strike, Relentless x3, Repost x3
Class: Swashbuckler
Unicornio Dulce: I see, very good, to become a Duel Master you must defeat clockworks, they proved their strength, you would need a miracle to defeat on ship, so go defeat five.
Bonnie Anne: There, now lets hurry back, they are probably stirred up like bees!
Unicornio Dulce: What? You made it? Why don't defeat a Unicorn Ship this time.
Rat Beard: This is going to get old.
Bonnie Anne: Already has.
El Toro: Whatever.
Unicornio Dulce: Fine. El Toro last but not least a few tips. A Duel Master is to fight like a Deadly Dance of Combat, never stop, and when they are at their weakest, strike! Now, show me what you learned!
Unicornio Dulce: You have done it! Now you must celebrate yes?
El Toro: To a tavern!
El Toro: Ah, this is nice, and we will have more adventures after this! We go!
Yeah like the first, but he makes it this time, instead of being Champion instead of Samurai. Bye!

Oct 25, 2012
Great Idea Great Idea, Now a few notes just to, perfect it, first of all el toro should be a masked legend (because he's from el zorro, and one of the movies is the legend of zorro,) but anyways its a great idea I hope my feedback helps you and your great idea.

Christopher Taylor level 52(?)