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El Toro Promotion appearance?

Jan 28, 2014
Hello, all. I actually had this idea that I wanted to send to you guys.

When El Toro gets a promotion, I think El Toro should replace his fencing Sword with a regular Sword (Probably Valencia styled, since we are heading to Valencia next.), and replace his whip with a Flail, a Spiked Ball attached to a chain. I feel like that would work for El Toro doing the jump technique in battle.

Is there a concept art of El Toro's third promotion? If so, where is it? If not, do you think El Toro should get these?

Petty Alicia Cog

Oct 18, 2013
I like the sword idea, but I don't agree with you for flail. El Toro is a swashbuckler, so he is supposed to be light and quick. Also, a flail would probably be way to powerful. The sword would be cool though.

Jun 02, 2013
the word couldnt be a heavy looking sword though and it cant look the same as others
i look the idea of a third promotion i think he should be called masked legend because you only get one more epic

Feb 01, 2011
I must respectfully disagree with the idea of El Toro losing his fencing sword. El Toro's fighting style requires that type of sword, it's part of what gives the character his own unique 'flavor'. Having taken fencing myself, I can tell you that moving up to a bigger sword is not necessarily an 'upgrade'. Foils, epees and sabers are all distinct from each other, and even though El Toro could very well be skilled in all of them, I think the foil suits him.

Also, he's clearly a tribute to El Zorro...who used fencing swords and whips traditionally.

Now, I would expect him to get a fancier one with an upgrade...perhaps with an very ornate, jewel encrusted basket hilt.