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Dungeon Tales. Idea about Dungeon Zones in P101

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Pirates, this idea came to my mind upon enjoying the Tale of 4 Dungeons update in W101, & the name of it came to me... Dungeon Tales.

Dungeon Tales are collections of optional side Dungeon Zones, akin to how the 4 Dungeons update was made, involving Pirates embarking on new adventures via gaining levels. They serve to bring Pirates to new places in familiar worlds, even by making & adding new doors, open up closed places barred to all, & even tie up loose ends. As with Chapters, they can be bought with Crowns, or Members can do them with no charge.

Dungeon Tales should come in Volumes, containing collections of new side dungeon zones, providing many new adventures, stories to unveil, & more treasures to grab. There may be even occasions on learning exclusive class choice powers & new Epics, too, to up our battle prowess.

Well, the idea is to be used later on, so, getting the main story arc going is a must-need to us all. Still, couldn't hurt to throw in a new idea to be used later on.

That said, what do you think about this idea, Pirates? That would suit well to be the equivalent to W101's Dungeon Zones. They could serve to keep us going while more new main story adventures are made. Interesting, yes?

Thanks again for listening!

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Well, I really enjoyed the side dungeons in W101, & upon finishing the latest pack of side dungeons, in the name of it's latest side dungeon pack, the Tale of 4 Dungeons, I had this idea to have packs of side dungeons in P101, and it would be called Dungeon Tales.

Pirates, have you ever wondered how particular places that seem worth adventuring, yet they're locked to everyone? Have you even feel that some side stories that start out small soon end up being bigger than we thought? Are there any loose ends to tie up? Would there be new side stories to be told that we haven't seen yet? Are there closed doors yet to be unlocked?

Well, Dungeon Tales, the equivalent to W101's Tale of Dungeon updates, would be a suitable way to do those. They would have many side dungeons, brought in packs of Volumes, in accordance to the P101's Chapter & Book storyline mechanic, & they would give us more new side stories, more new adventures, more new threats to defeat, & more new valuable treasures to pillage & plunder, & like how W101 did, they should be accessed through gaining levels.

Having Dungeon Tales would also keep us happy & adventuring while more new major story adventures are made in-between. Should KI be up to this, we would like to see them made.

Blind Mew, should you have time to read this, consider this suggestion. I know you'll like the idea of having Dungeon Tales in P101 someday.

Feb 11, 2010
I like this idea. Maybe it could hint on some backstory on some of our main companions?

I'd also like