Dungeon is so bull!

Jul 31, 2011
That dungeon cave of the crescent is so bull, I died, returned (which ALWAYS puts me back where i was), and I started the whole darn thing over again! I felt like destroying my computer.
If I'm gonna be stuck on this piece of bull without help, I'm never gonna play! Plus, those darn enemies are full of bull! They always dodge (bull number one), they always hit (bull number two), and that means always always relentless (bull the third)!
If someone could help me, or if KI fixes this, I'll be happy.

Petty Officer
Feb 24, 2012
hardy har har, i feel your pain, lvl 50 witchdoctor here, wish i could help, cant say i remember the exact place of bull, but, believe me, i felt like smashing up my lappy several times during my bull encounters

serious anxiety over the dodge, blocks, did not collect, companion madness and the whole battle field, it is a challenge to be sure

funny post, sorry for laughing

but get this, i have created another pirate, go figure huh? that's no bull

Feb 01, 2011
Oh, I've had to 'rage quite' more than once myself, but I always eventually come back and make it through. Perhaps get someone to go in with you? Sometimes I can find tips and such on-line when I reach a road-block in the game, other times you just need to move on (if possible) and come back to what is holding you up after gaining a few levels. For example, the holy water mission in Montquista...it was taking forever, so I just let it sit until I had a really good ship, went back and was blowing monkey ships out of the air with great ease.

Now, if the problem is in the main quest, I can see how that last bit of advice might not help. I made it to level 50, though, so I know you can do it!

Sep 08, 2008
Suncaster72, lol, you sound exactly like I do on a daily basis! xD

This requires some meditation, relaxation, some zen to calm you down. This is where you farm for some gold, fight for some nautical experience, and train your companions even more, and possibly even yourself.