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Drop rates!

Apr 24, 2010
For the last few days I cannot get barely anything to drop. Some won't drop at all. Four quests that I need to finish (I've got the powder, If I were a rich rooster, Thirsty for revenge and Setting things right) are all still in my quest log and I can't progress the story till I get these. We need these drop rates fixed so we can play the game. If these are not patched soon I can't continue to play. If I can't continue to play I have no reason to continue to pay.

Apr 28, 2012
I just completed the Quests "If I Were a Rich Rooster" and "Setting Things Right". I followed the Quest Arrow and was able to get the Buffaloons although I did have to go back to Cooper's Roost quite a few times to heal up. That was the only problem I had with drop rates.

Community Leader
Help is on the way for these. Check the update notes, fixes for "If I Were A Rich Rooster" and several other Cool Ranch collection quests are currently in the Test Realm & should be implemented soon.

For that particular quest - collect 8 Buffaloon hides - in Test it took me only 5 solo fights to get all 8 of them.

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Good to hear feedback on this drop rate!

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