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Driving Ship Around House

Gunner's Mate
Oct 12, 2010
I would really like the option to fly your pirate's ship around your house, I think that would be quite fun. Then you could just cruise your ship around your house! Then, when you find a spot nice enough, you can just sit back and relax. And if it's not too much, it would also be really cool if you could sail to a specific minor island or something like that (like in the Skullstrong Stronghold, the island with the big hand holding that colossal sword). The islands shouldn't be a popular and spacious as the main part.

Slick Luke Noble, Level 65 Musketeer
Strong Andy Armstrong, Level 65 Privateer

Jun 03, 2014
Same hear but I also wish we could have storm gates in the skyways around the house so that we can go to different worlds quicker

Charming Abe Armstrong, level 16 Privateer Ruthless Valkoor Donnely, level 12 Buccaneer
Slick Griffin Gunwale, level 14 Musketeer