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drag zones

Jul 06, 2011
at some point, the game just slows down. there seems to be gaps in each world when you realize that you have a long way to go. i noticed this a lot in wizard101 especially in marleybone, and dragonspyre, and now in cool ranch i found that time in the storyline when things just seem to drag along and you dont really want to keep going but you know if you don't then you wont keep moving along. i really hope that in future expansions, the storyline will be move captivating. I find it boring at times because I've noticed that there are only a few different quest structures.
1. someone has information we need and in order to get it we have to do something for them first
2. before we can get to the actual reason we came, complications arise and we have to drive off enemies, collect food/clothes/resourses, or find something they lost
3. some in search of something,only to realizes the person who has it is guarding it with his/her life and wants to fight you to keep it (you'd think they'd learn after a while)
4. someone that someone has that you need to collect either got lost, stolen, or misplaced. i mean seriously, if pirate101 had a UPS service, it would have terrible reveiws.
my point is, i can almost predict what the quest will require of me just by listening to the dialogue. i mean, we're pirates and sometimes we don't even fix the situation, just make it worse. why do we have to do favors for people? ki please consider putting more variety into future quests. thank you