Doubloons Suggestions

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I really like the new Doubloons in Pirate101! They provide us with various bonuses that gives us advantages in battles! Really enjoying them!

Now, I've got some thoughts about Doubloons... hope you can listen to these ideas.

1. Add in a new Doubloon called "Treasure Shower", which makes piles of Gold appear in various spots for all Pirates to collect after the battle, instead of one pile of Gold, like "Treasure Bath". Who would like having many piles of Gold appear for all to collect? I know I would.

2. From what I've seen, nearly all Doubloons that cast various powers appears to have the same power resolution speed that many Pirates' Powers do. They currently only appear to one Pirate/Companion at a time instead of all at once. I ask of you to give these Doubloon power effect resolution speeds a tune up so that all effects that happen to the Pirates that are in combat that receives these Doubloon effects appear all at once. Make them more speedier.

3. Certain higher level Doubloons do have greater impacts with their various effects, but they all last for one round. I think these higher level Doubloons need to have their lasting durations last much longer instead of just one round.

4. Some higher level Doubloons that give out damage to enemies in combat should have their base damage values increased, to accommodate the higher level effects. The higher the Doubloon level is, the more damage is being dealt.

Those are my suggestions for the Doubloons. I would like to see these happen soon. Think of this.

Thanks for listening!