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Doubloons: Don't do it, Kingsisle!

Nov 25, 2012
Doubloons. I've been meaning to talk about this for a while, but since nonmembers can only post in proximity to a major crown purchase, I've had to wait. Well, that ends here.

In wizard101, treasure cards become more important the further into the game you go, eventually becoming almost requisite for soloing hard battles. This is something I dislike about wizard101. Obtaining treasure cards is tedious. You can only use them once. They cost too much, and you can never get the ones you need.

It's unlikely that doubloons in pirate101 will ever obtain the role their equivalents play in wizard101 simply because of the ways they are obtained and used, but in case Kingsisle is thinking about it, I would like to take a moment to tell any and all KI employees who have any influence over the development of doubloons to incinerate any plans for making doubloons as important as treasure cards.

Doubloons should be perks that can be activated to make hard battles easier. They should not be any more pivotal in battle than advanced pets. I do not want to see a world where bosses are impossible to solo without some sort of boost from a doubloon. Wizard101 took the whole thing way too far. Treasure cards are just too powerful, and getting your hands on that blade you need to do 1000000 damage takes a bajillion crowns and/or way too much time.

Don't make the same mistake twice Kingsisle! Please!

Cunning Nicholas Sharp, Level 41