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Don't board friends' ships in Cool Ranch

Feb 16, 2010
I don't know if others besides Lowrider42 and myself have had this problem, but thought I pass along a warning for possible problems. Lowrider42 and I have both experienced our characters being unable to enter the game after a freeze/screen transition/loading error. The only similarity I can tell is that we were riding on a friend's ship in Cool Ranch and attempted to dock. When we did, our characters became locked out, no longer accessible in the game. My swashbuckler has been locked out for 2 days now. When it happened to my buccaneer, she was able to get back in the game after 30 minutes. As I said, don't know if there is any relation to the ship/docking and the lock out, but thought I'd pass along the caution.

Jack, Ratbeard - hope to hear from you guys soon on a resolution to this problem. My swashie has a lot of good stuff on her that I don't want to lose.