Disciple of Jobu

May 13, 2011
Jobu is mentioned every once in a while, so i think witchdoctors should get a disciple of jobu badge and companion. You get the quest at lvl 55 from Madame Vadima and you have to collect powerful mojo items from random places around the spiral like: Jojo Mojo`s hat, another spirit caller mask(from mormo`s first promotion), a demon monkeys hand, Buga Buga`s staff, and other stuff. When you gather all the items needed, go to the sanctum and you will be transported to a secret temple and then beat an extremly tough boss. Once you beat it you get the badge, companion(who looks like kan po in body but with a jobu`s breath skull as the head and a green skull on the top of the staff) and a ''Jobu`s Death Trap'' spell, Which does high damage 100% health from the damage in a square of 16 spaces. The boss has 4000 health but it has no minions. it has a cheat that it has unlimited jobu`s breath, kiss, and embrace. it is the companion you get. The reason you fight it is to '' Prove your worth'' to it so it can tell if you will be a good master for it. The animation for Jobu`s death trap is the green skull pops up and laughs maniacally and then points a big green hand at the spaces and then the little skulls pop out of the ground in the enemies spaces and bite them and then one from each space bounces over to you