Different Weapons, Same Animations?

Feb 08, 2009
There are a few sets of attack animations in this game, Single Sword, Dual Dagger, Dual Pistol, Rifle/Musket, Staff, Spear, and Smashy, though Smashy is almost the same as Spear animations just with a few(2-3) swing variants. I'll start by saying that KI did a great job on these initial animations, they look amazing and I really have no problem with the animations themselves. The topic here is Dropped/Unique weapons and Dual Type weapons. When I say Unique weapons I'm talking about the ones that are unlike most droppable weapons, aren't wielded by anyone else in game, though some aren't rare at all except for their appearance. Tiger Claws, Cestus Brace, Lead Pipes are a few examples. Tiger Claws are obviously, hand-mounted claws, Cestus Brace are a pair of spiked leather gloves, and Lead Pipes are a pair of Lead Pipes. All 3 of these weapons share the same animation set, Single Sword Slashy, when I would expect have a unique set for both Cestus Brace and Tiger Claws, and a maybe even one for Lead Pipes since you whack with pipes not slash. Now Dual Type weapons have an even bigger dilemma since there are so many of them. What made me want to bring this idea up was the introduction of new weapon combonations, mainly with staffy and spooky. What I noticed(I reset my training points to get staffy 2 for this), that the staffy and spooky combonations were exactly the same except for some magical dust or aura to accompany the normal attack. Now I know that adding more attack animations is no simple matter, but I personally think that it would make the game just a little bit better if there were more attack animations. I'm not saying we need an animation set for every weapon but at least a few new sets for specific weapons, because its kind of weird using one weapon that looks completely different than another but attacking exactly the same. (While I was typing this I bought almost every type of weapon from the bazaar in skull island and tested them in the ancient tunnels) If we ever got more attack animations I would also like new attacking powers for both Buccaneer/Swashbuckler/Privateer and Musketeer.(I don't say Witchdoctor since your weapons don't really apply here) My suggestion at least for additional powers, would be a teacher whose function is similar to Diego the Duelist in W101 teaching wizards about combat. Maybe we could have a teacher or two whose only purpose is to give additional powers, mainly melee and shooting attacks, that everyone can learn. I think it would help solve the animation problem, and diversify gameplay and strategy. I'll probably make a separate topic on that later.

Anyone who has feedback, suggestions, or opinion, please feel free to reply!

Level 65 Wolf Ire