Desired Epics and Talents

Gunner's Mate
Feb 22, 2011
It's not much, and I think I might've said a few of these before, but I feel like these would be extremely useful additions to the game. I don't usually post epic/talent suggestions, so feel free to criticize them.

1) Final Strike (Or something along those lines.): Most likely a buccaneer or swashbuckler ability, this would allow a character to attack the enemy who defeated them one last time before falling. Useful in situations if a low-health enemy happens to defeat a low-health character, thus not making you wait a turn to end it. I wouldn't expect there to be a version of this for musketeers, but it's possible.

2) Fierce Protection: Something that might suit Privateers, allowing one to attack an enemy- within their range, of course- that defeated a nearby team-mate. Useful for the same reasons as the previously mentioned epic, and a power that grants this epic to all team-mates would be a blessing. A musketeer version is foreseeable.

1) Powerhouse/sharpshooter- Talents for melee and ranged fighters (respectively), increasing their chance of landing a critical hit. Personally, if I saw someone else post this, I'd say it's a bad idea. After all, some companions have a naturally high critical rating. On the other hand, some companions clearly do not. For example, Gaspard De Vole- the Presidio companion for losing your parents to the armada- has, from what I've seen, a high critical ratio. He would not require it. On the other hand, I have several companions- mostly from cool ranch- who can't hit worth anything. A buffed up chance of landing a critical hit would be a huge incentive to use more companions. This would be great for swashbucklers to learn.

2) Inner fire- A simple talent for just about any class that raises their chance of activating their epics. Anyone else ever get really annoyed when Bonnie Anne decides not to use her maximum burst fire, thus not reaching her potential? With this simple buff, there's a better chance that she will. Now, this would only increase the chance incrementally, but still might provide that final push it takes for characters to reach their full potential.

Thanks for reading, and I'm open to any criticism you have.