Deleting Companions

Sep 06, 2009
It would be a new addition to the game that some players might like if you could delete a companion and get all the unit training points back that you used, the companion could just not be on your team anymore. I keep getting companions that I honestly do not like in combat and I really want to use my other ones, I also would like it if you could have a below deck room that could have all your companions in it, kind of like a tavern basement in your ship where people could go see all your companions, or you could talk to them. My swashbuckler has a few companions that he has trouble battling with, and I wish he could delete some of them. And I really would like it if you could add a question at the begging to choose your starter companions, a lot of people do not get the companion they wish they could have. Just some ideas that I think could help.

Sep 08, 2008
Choosing your starter companion would be a good idea, I think.

Like, instead of tying the starter companion to your class, tie it to a new question in the character creation set up. For example:

"Why did you decide to become a pirate?"

1. Plunder the seas and loot all it's treasure. -Duck companion
2. Help people in need, build a crew, and become a just defender of the innocent. -Crane companion
3. Live in peace and be able to sail anywhere at will. -Goat companion


Maybe it could be done to where the tutorial automatically displays the starter companion chosen if you do get to physically choose it beforehand.

BUT. At the same time, I think, the respective companion linked to each class is good as it is.

I am 50/50 on it.