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December 11, 2013 Update Feedback

Dec 03, 2010
I am glad and very grateful to see some attempts to address certain long-standing problems, like the weak Musketeer monkey barrel, strengthening some Kraken Skull companions and the Buccaneer class, the man in the middle vulnerability on the mini game High Scores, and the random zone change transporter malfunctions. :p That last bug has occured to me since the first 5 minutes when i played the game on my Boochbeard Bundle, 1 week before the game left Beta and was released to Public for the first time. That took a manual reset as I was too low level to port or use home or fountain buttons, had no friends, and could not use "Go To" button either. Hope it's fixed!

I did not see mention of one annoying combat bug. Most notably when using Reckless Frenzy against Friar Sand when in a full group, whereby your Buccaneer kills Friar Sand with his skill, and the chests appears, yet the Frenzy continues until the person dies or all enemies die or they miss. At high levels, you just do not miss. During this time, nobody can walk, and the chests time out and all treasure is lost. I have not yet tested if this was addressed but it's not mentioned. It is important enough to be fixed, and to be mentioned, so I can only assume it was not fixed. It is important to note that this bug also affects any other Class or crew which has the combination of multiple auto attacks chained together, along with long animations. Notably Catbeard configured with all relentless, with Privateer or Swashbucklers boosting the critical hit rate, such that he does numerous Epic hits back to back, thus timing out the chests and loosing all treasure.

Also, I did not like that the Size attribute was just dropped entirely. At the very least, not the way it was implemented. It leaves the market flooded with redundant gear, most of it useless, and the already scarce best gear will now become even more hard to find. Also, all the paint was dropped. This requires players who want a fleet of best equipped ships to go through all ships and buy new gear and repaint everything that was worth keeping, at great additional expense. The colors most definitely should have been retained. Furthermore, it makes no sense to put a tiny skiff Sail onto a large ship, or a giant Anchor onto a small raft. Same with Figureheads and Armor. Those things should have remained tied to the size.

I suppose the next progression of dumbing down the game would be to get rid of the ship class altogether as well, and to make combat easier, get rid of all the buttons to attack anything, just make it automatically play the game for you. Even brain dead people on life support could play then!

Part of the fun with the ship gear was hunting and boss farming just to get that one rare part that only fit this one rare ship. I met lots of friendly people doing that. This update weakens that community cohesion by reducing or eliminating entirely the time people need to spend to achieve "best" gear upgrades possible for their ship.