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Dear Ratbeard: Buccaneer Health

Gunner's Mate
Jun 22, 2011
Dear Ratbeard, I come before you today to address a most (in my opinion) serious problem. Privateers have more health than buccaneers. Aren't Buccs supposed to be the tanks, the meat shields, the we-take-damage-and-give-it-right-back class? And aren't Privys supposed to be the class that hangs back and buffs everyone else up? What is the meaning of this? Here's a little class-to-class comparison.

-More health
-More healing abilities
-More damage abilities and ways to make their allies shine
-More and better shielding abilities (Leviathan's Call shields only physical damage on yourself, while Valor's Fortress halves all damage on any ally)

-Less health than Privateers
-No healing abilities
-Very few buffs, they only work on Strength-based allies
-One line of shields, none of them are amazing or even better than any other line of shields (Privateers get two lines of great shields, one line lasting forever)

Sure, Buccs get more epics, but epics aren't the most useful when you're dead because an El Toro with Battle Zeal just whooped you and you can't heal.

What if Buccaneers got Castle? You know, that ability that Rook has to, when standing next to an ally, get a one-turn bonus of Armor and Resist. Got any other ideas? Please, share them.