Dead Mike and Milo Graytail Epics

Dec 21, 2013
would it be possible for Dead Mike and Milo Graytail to switch epics? It doesn't seem appropriate for a Swashbuckler to have vengeance strike when that class already has a natural high dodge rate making that epic obsolete and a Buccaneer is a tank and usually absorbs the damage They barely dodge, instead making use of their vengeance strike which Dead Mike doesn't have at start. has anyone with these companions found any use with their starter epics? would ye rather keep them as they are? or possibly pull off the o'l Switcheroo with the epics Dead Mike starting with vengeance strike and Milo starting with riposte

Petty Officer
Jan 31, 2013
Actually when you promote them you can pick other epics to give them. One being Vengeance Strike for Dead Mike. I gave that to him plus second chance. Reposte actually works for him when you raise his dodge up a bit. Not sure if increased armor protection helps either. Given enough high levels and he'll block the attacks just fine. Mine does anyways. It's also a nice combo to have when dealing with multiple hits from the same enemy. If he blocks one but not the other he still attacks twice.