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Dead Mans Ship

Dec 31, 2011
Most of you may know in W101 there is waterworks, and tower of the helephant and you get awesome and really good gear? Well what if P101 had the same thing.........

Level Requirements: 65 (or maybe 70-80 if KI makes new worlds)
Quest Giver: Avery
Quest Triggerer: Reaching Level 65
How it starts: You reach to level 65 and on the right side Avery will be calling you to his office. You walk to his office and you talk to him. Avery: What to do what to do.... (NEXT) Ah! There you are pirate! What took you so long! (NEXT) I have very important news. (PUPPETSHOW) A long long long long long time ago, someone name Captain Scar Blade had a ship, this ship contained millions of piles of loot. He ruled the skyways and wasn't feared by anything. But someone named Bid Buccan was searching for this pirate who had been wanting ALL his gold. (I don't blame him) But he never found it. (OUT OF PUPPET SHOW) For years I have been looking for this ship and didn't find it, until now........ (NEXT) My associate of mine finally found the EXACT location it was hidden. But I have business to attend to so I cant go, but YOU can. (NEXT) Here is the map I wrote out, follow it and don't get distracted my anything. (DONE ) (when you re talk to him after accepting it) .....Well what are you waiting for, the treasure wont find itself. You walk to Cutthroats Bay and see a ship on the other side of the island. You walk to it and there is a sigil for four people.....


Tell me what you think of it, all suggestions welcome.

Paul Level 58