damage numbers, cant see

Dec 11, 2008
im a swashbuckler and some of my attacks have cool angles to the attacks however i see that some of the attacks i cant see my damage output numbers unless i crit is there a way you guys could maybe fix that with the attacks and have the numbers on bottom then on top. attacks are backstab assassians strike and some times sneek attack, as well as dance of steel sometimes. thanks :)

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I have noticed this as well and wasn't sure if it was a bug or not. Sometimes, I won't be able to see the health bar being affected during the attack and have to wait until the planning stage to find out what kind of damage was done. Not a huge deal, but I like watching health bars drop in real time

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May 27, 2010
We also have this issue with our buccaneer. Its now a joke that we have to guess what the numbers are. We look at each other and say "that might have been a good hit, maybe."