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Damage number display idea?

Petty Officer
Dec 26, 2012
I'm not exactly sure how to word this since this is so specific, but i'll explain. You know how when you hit an enemy/getting hit by an opponent, the number will be (usually) displayed per hit? Example: When using Assassin's Strike with Stabby weapons, the animation will show 4 hits along with the number (ex. 200, 220, 200, 240). I find it quite difficult to keep track of how much damage was dealt at times, especially when a move hits multiple times, why not propose to have all damage be shown after the animation instead of in the middle of it. Rather than to show 200, 220, 200, 240 why not show just 860 instead? I remember Kingsisle changing Sarah's Epic Hit to show the full amount of damage instead 4-5 hits, wouldn't it be much easier to have this apply to everyone?

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I like the multiple numbers. I think it adds drama to the battle and the epicness of the hit.

But then, I just estimate the total anyway -- for any hits/damage.

Mar 02, 2010
What I see a lot of games do is they have the total number hovering above the smaller amounts of damage dealt. Maybe they could do that for Pirate101 too.

Dec 28, 2012
It adds a bit of action to an otherwise stationary battle, but I like King's idea.

Sep 22, 2014
Kings idea is perfect. Ill just add to that:

When no Critical happens the damage is displayed in red right?

What about:

When the damage is in red, then shows total amount of damage in white (Like a Crit. hit)

And if its a critical: why not show the total damage in red? (I know this would take a lot of coding but it would be an amazing update!)

Generous BlazeJackson,

Level 62