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Customizable Criticals

Apr 26, 2010
Right, so the idea I had here was that you can customize your critical hit. (Duh). There would be some kind of Critical Creator, and you could pick a certain amount of any Kingsisle song to use as your crit song. Then, you could also pick a sequence of three, two, or four attacks. for example, with stabby weapons, your critical might be this: somersault stab, then backflip kick, then landing downward slash, then cartwheel back into place slashing along the way. wouldn't that be so cool? and even if you couldn't customize how your critical looks, something to add at least a little bit of personality to your critical would be nice. I mean, it's your character's most... how to put it... epic attack. you should have at least a little control over the song at least. how awesome would it be if your critical could be the marleybone combat theme!!??!! or at least a part of it. it might be hard to add, but not much harder than the customizable flag, and I think it would really add to the game.

Sep 08, 2008
I do like that idea. That would bring character customization to a whole new level.