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Crowns Purchasing

Jun 04, 2010
Over a year ago, I switched from subscriptions to crowns purchases for this game. Since doing so, I have noticed that most area transitions involving a chapter purchase are annoying. After confirming that you want to make the purchase, you generally have to back off the area you were trying to enter, then come at it again. My suggestion is that you allow chapter (or zone purchases in W101) purchases here on the website so that it can be done in advance of entering the area (for those of us that plan our crowns purchases). I would further like to suggest that it be adjusted so that after completing a chapter/zone purchase that it auto-enter the area instead of making you back out and come back at it again. As a side note, the only place I haven't noticed this to be an issue is when a purchase was made entering a new world through a storm gate... I think Tierra Primata skyway? I actually don't remember for certain which world it was. At any rate... those are my two cents. :D

Community Leader
I wholly agree with this. I have noticed this problem more on Wizard101 (I finally get a group together and boom, they all get in and I get a "Purchase this Area" notice and lose my spot in the group).

Either way its at worst a mild inconvenience, but I would love to see the ability to open up the areas (or just purchase them all at once) from the website.