crowns and gold

Be Mine Beginner
Jul 16, 2009
Hey guys.
i am sure we all wish this problem was better
in the crowns shop there is so much but all in crowns
some of us have tons of gold but no crowns
i know that ONLY the housing section you can buy with gold too
but what about
we also want to be able to buy that with gold

Hello! Just wanted to inform you that after the next update to the game there will be a couple of pets sold for both crowns and gold in the Crown Shop.

*One-Eyed Jack, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
Be Mine Beginner
Dec 21, 2009
So much gold? Um.. share LOL. I am at lvl 25, and between buying gear, ship equipment, and the outrageous companion points, I dont ever have enough gold. Could the next upgrade include some help here for those of us still lvling up rofl. Either increase in gold drops for that area, or drop in companion points is severely needed. Not everyone has time to farm, it takes alot of time as it is to lvl, and lvl sailing, not all of us have unlimited time to farm.