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Crown Videos

Sep 08, 2018
Hi! I used to play Wizard101 around when it first came out, then I stopped around Kroktopia. Of course, I was like 8 then so I don't remember why. Anyway, the recent release of Wizard101 to Steam reminded me these games existed and I started playing them with my little brother and we have a lot of fun .

So anyway, I noticed that crown videos do not work for Steam users and had that confirmed by customer support. My suggestion is it possible for Steam users to watch crown videos so that newly discovered Steam players can have a way to complete some extra areas before deciding to buy membership. I don't see why this was not implemented for Steam, along with account merging, but anyway that is my suggestion.

Now for some questions since I am new to this forum, which don't actually have to be answered in this post since it is supposed to be "suggestions" ... but I would still appreciate it . What are the pirate ranks on the forums? How can you tell who moderators or members of Kingsisle are? Are moderators/ members of Kingsisle actually active on these forums? Like I said, I stopped playing after Kroktopia on Wizard101 and I was a kid so I never paid attention to Kingsisle's community communication/care. Thank you!

Jan 20, 2013
Hi there!

Welcome back to the games! Crown videos for Steam users would certainly be helpful. Hopefully KI is able to implement that in the future.

As for the bottom of your post, Moderators/KingsIsle employees will have different colored names. Moderators like myself show up in green. KingsIsle employees, depending on their role, show up in blue or purple.

Oh, and here’s a Message Board rank guide I made that you can look at: Guide

Hope that helps!

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