Critical team attacks

Oct 31, 2009
I know this is a crazy idea and know its impossible but i wanna share the idea. So you know how there are critical attacks how about a team critical strikes, they could be used with you and any of your campanions, for example: there is one enemy left and you can click on a talent card that says: Team critical and both you and your chosen companion walk up to the enemy and do a team attack. I know its crazy but i would like to do a team attack with el toro .

May 10, 2010
The animation for that could be very cool, but it goes against all the dynamics of the game.

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Darth JT on Dec 28, 2012 wrote:
The animation for that could be very cool, but it goes against all the dynamics of the game.
The closest thing we get to a team attack is flanking/crossfire, which just uses the positioning of a companion. It would be neat to see this idea expanded further in the game where you could position you companions to play off each other a bit and trigger extra attacks based on who they were standing next to. That would fit with the mechanics of the game and make positioning more important that it already is.

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Mar 30, 2012
I agree! This would not only be fun but would add another layer of strategy to combat.

Awesome idea!


Jan 15, 2011
This was something I was thinking of myself, and I think I have an idea on how to implement this.

  • You can only do a team critical attack if you have a weapon equipped that corrisponds to the companion. EX: You can only team critical with Bonnie Anne if you have a "Shooty" weapon equipped.
  • In order for the critical to happen, you must be in a flanking position with the companion you want to critical with.
  • Like the regular criticals, there is a chance that it will happen.
  • Ranged companions/pirates will be able to do the team critical if they are at shooting range, but still in flanking position.
I hope they use this idea, because it's brilliant!