Nov 01, 2012
WARNING DISCLAIMER i do not work for KI and this is not offical just something i thought up a while ago so i don't want to hear anyone expecting to magically get the item they make lol ( psst devs if you listening maybe? lol unlikely) so anyhow this is just three weapons, one for my self one themed for my crew in general and one for a friend whom i shalt not name.
prt 1
weapon number one
Buccaneers Chain
basically is an extendable whip that extends and contracts wielded by venom sword carter! (if they ever add tooltips that would be it )
slashy smashy weapon. can only be used by Jason Carter (my best pirate eat it tough if i tick off some dude in Aquila i'll be eating dirt so)
60 power+ current level (so for me currently the power would be 93 so not to op but the reason it has lower power is due to this. it has REACH it attacks in a direct line three squares in any direction. however when used with skills like vengeance strike it just hits the target
requires smashy 1 weapons and slashy weapons 1 skills to use.
grants two skills one of each (as much as i want to use these more i must say that in all fairness)
Buccaneer Whirl! (btw i have no idea how your damage calculation works so if someone else dose help me calculate fair damage for this skill)
basically an AoE attack in all adjacent squares. if i forget anything i'll add it later

Buccaneer Lunge (as before idk how damage is calculated for skills so if someone could give me a fair number?)
attacks in one line 5 squares ahead however when used has a 50% chance to afflict the vulnerable debuff for one turn since you lunged forward with the weapon you fell face first on the ground and take X1.5 damage and foes have 50% more accuracy when targeting you.

BTW the AoE and basic attack hit all relevant targets its worth saying in my

Wand of D
attacks in a 3 by 3 grid
requires staffy weapons 1 to use
staffy weapon
power 55+level
can only be use by my friend whos-name -i-shall-not-shall-not-say
grants power mark of ravenwood
now basically acts like the mark doubloons but summons one of the second level spells to the field as a minion (i.e troll snow serpent etc) when cast it looks the same but the symbol on the bottom looks like the wizard city emblem and when the cast is over the astral magic symbol shows up in front of the plays (( the star))
yeah i'll come up with classes any everything later and powers and such i have a limit for characters ya know!
and the iron wall talent witch boosts physical defense to 1.5X when your the only player in combat since i'm not always there to help her not that she always needs it

finaly the venomblade's
slashy weapon
basiclly golden blades with green edges
70 damage plus level so for me ATM 103 not my strongest weapon but i digress

only thin specail about it is it has a 75% chance to inflict poison for 5 rounds. (how we poison the armada idk)
can only be used by friends i have on my crew (aka my starred friends lol)

sorry i'm out of chars
Jason Carter