cost of houses and leveling

Nov 03, 2009
The cost of a house is just crazy and there are not that many things to buy I have yet to get a housing item in a drop it makes me wonder if you really want anyone to buy these things not to mention you can not preview the houses before you buy them why.

Leveling takes for ever it is just sad the amount of points given out for the main quest and the side quest is just sad it takes for ever to complete the quest to only get 40 points I think I will just play wizard at least the points for quest and the gold are more evenly given for the quest.

This is a nice game but its just not worth all the time to complete the quest at this rate it will take a year to get to level 50 and its not worth that much money to me.

Jul 13, 2009
You actually level very fast doing just main quests. I am level 50 already and have not even completed the story. I dont know what area you are in but once you get past skull island you will lvl quickly. I would not worry about that to much.
The gold well yea thay need to fix that issue.