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Companions "Train" Themselves

Jun 11, 2011
I would think that if you are broke and/or have no training points, There should be another way to train companions. I think that the companions could "train" themselves by collecting XP after a battle-if they didn't die. If the companions were sent into a battle, they should collect XP and it will tell you if they level up and/or want promotion. I think it'd be a little bit easier to train them then. I was also thinking that there could be an option that you can actually send out your companions to do a sort of "mission" and then they will get you gold, XP, and items-if they succeed. I would think it would be a little unfair, though, to just sit in one spot and continuously send out companions. So, I would think that you are only allowed to do it once a week or so, and you are allowed to send out 2 companions for one "mission" to be partners. I think it'd be pretty cool. It'd make it a little bit easier to keep up with training them. Please consider this, I think a lot of other people would like to see something like what I have described but into the game.

Dec 18, 2012
Don't worry, after you will reach lvl 50 you will be able to farm money, would be not uncommon to collect 100.000 money every day, maybe more , so you will be able to buy wathever you want.