Companions for New Class

Feb 20, 2010
I've noticed at least 5 good ideas for classes pop up during my stay at these boards, so I figured sooner or later Ki will pick one up and add it or make one themselves. And every class needs companions. i figured i would not make A kraken skulls because i'm not making this for a specific class.

Starter: Butan Suraisu ( shortened name for Butaniku(pork) and Suraisu(slice) in Japanese.) ninja pig
pig slicer-asassin-hitman top powers: Musketerr's Shot and Shadow Step.

After rescuing Brody: Brody-Pelican fisherman-hookman (at promotion, fishing pole is replaced with sharp hook)

Valencia: Unicorn guy: ( Blind Mew almost certainly has Valencia up his sleeve again, and one of the unicorn sprites there could be available as a companion in Aragon. Perhaps as a assistant to Ridolfo, or in a entirely different quest.)

Random banditoad guy: After beating El Guapo: Soldier-Lv l38 Veteran-Lvl 55 sergeant

Rool Loop: Red Troggy that you get in Ancient Tunnels after beating Eki Eki Zip Boing Warrior-lvl 48 Warlord

Sidequest Cool Ranch Part 2: Robber Ducky: a yellow duck, orange bill, decides to redeem his bank-robbing ways after being beaten up by your crew mid-heist.

Bill Gillman: Magnificent 7: based off of Bill Tilghman, famous Wild West lawman. Angler sprite.
Angler Lawman-lvl 60 Hero

Mooshu:Toshiro Mifune: Samoorai : Bushi- lvl 48 Champion- lvl 57 Warlord

Hu Nu: Pig : one of Sato's thugs who decides to join you to see how crime is done internationally.
Wu Hu: Goat ( Lo Pan sprite)
Obtain after beating Lo Pan; grateful monk at Temple of the West Wind decides to join your crew. Perhaps a kinder face than Lo Pans

Sammy O'Leary: Sammy was a boss in W101 whose failed attempt to take over the O' Leary gang resulted i him fleeing to smaller gangs of the Isle of Dogs. After beating him in his Docktown lair, he gives up on crime as " I've been foiled by another kid" and decides to join your crew.

Aquila: Eagle Gladiator sprite like Samocles but in soldier armor. Joins crew after siege of troy