Companion Recruitment Idea?

Jan 24, 2009
Hey guys love the game so far, I am up to the Cool Ranch area and have been loving it.

Throughout the game I have seen so many cool enemies and characters that I would love to have in my crew or have a crew of. However I become disappointed when I see that I do not end up recruiting any of them or they do not even appear in the cash shop, or if they do there is only one.

So what if after every battle there is a small chance (and I mean very small so it does not become annoying) that one of the enemies asks if they can join your crew. So if I wanted to recruit 2 banditoads into my crew, I could if I spent the time trying. These companions would work differently from normally recruited/story/cash companions in that they can be dismissed if you do not want them later and/or be able to be "stored". Perhaps let them walk around the pirate home like pets do in W101? Bosses/Story/Unique enemies would not be able to be recruited this way. "Defeat x mob y times" would be slightly more interesting as you might get a new companion or more! More people would want to do ship to ship ground combat for the same reason, rather than do normal ship combat just because it is quicker. The cool unique companions with unique abilities would still be cash shop only so that people will still want to buy. The "defeat and recruit" idea could also be dropped entirely and you could make it so that after you defeat an enemy for the first time, they become available in the cash shop for a small amount of cash and/or a large amount of gold and you can buy multiples of them if one wants to. This idea would also work well with booster packs if they ever come out, as one could get these said companions from them too, like a monquistador booster pack could possibly have either a crossbowman, explorer, or a monk.

This would be a big change, but it would be a win/win for both sides and would attract new customers as soon as they hear that they could have a crew full of sharks/monkeys/toads/etc if they wanted to.

PS Reworking the witch hunter and flanking/crossfire abilities to be better would be nice too :)